Go Beyond the Resume

Hire better and holistically. Too often, employers hire based solely on the resume, only to fire for the wrong behaviors or chemistry, or have new hires exit based on a behavior mismatch. With GoodJob, focus your hiring process on key behaviors that make employees successful in a role.

GoodJob provides the tools you need to:

  • Identify critical behaviors for a role
  • Profile each candidate’s behaviors
  • Match the best candidates for a role based on their behaviors
  • Evaluate candidate-company chemistry
  • Continuously improve every step of your hiring process with machine learning

GoodJob engages with employees to:

  • Track employee performance within the role
  • Improve role performance and productivity
  • Discern the attributes and drivers of employee trust and loyalty

GoodJob engages with the company to:

  • Improve employee retention and delight customers
  • Perform regular progress reviews
  • Track and improve on key performance indicators [KPI] related to employee retention and customer satisfaction

Our Solution

Our solution leverages scientifically backed behavioral psychology to predict success of current employees and new hires.
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