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Looking for the right candidate but frustrated with traditional hiring practices? Simpeo On-Demand Talent, powered by GoodJob’s machine-learning platform leverages science and technology to identify the right talent for a distinct position in a specific organization. The PATH Assessment® digitizes the hiring process, moving past resumes and personality assessments.

Talent, technology, and science merge using artificial intelligence to fill any position.

The PATH AI filters candidates according to skills and professional experience but also accounts for the behaviors, traits, and workplace tendencies that are the best fit for the position and your organization. You are presented with a list of candidates who have the right skills and character traits to thrive.

Intuitive recruitment process maps the traits, skills, and tendencies of existing top performers

Map the DNA of top performers in your organization to replicate success. Based on decades of behavioral science data, discover the Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits of an ideal employee to pinpoint the best fit every time.

With over two billion professional profiles, you have access to potential candidates who perfectly match the specific needs of your organization. Each candidate’s PATH profile paired with their skills and experience determines the right fit for your organization every time.

An endless stack of digital applications is not the best way to hire talent. Proven recruitment methodology harnesses advanced, deep-learning technology to match candidates with positions.

Years of behavioral science data have uncovered a better way to drive the hiring process. The platform uses cutting-edge scientific developments to match candidates with the ideal position.

How it works

Through a series of short questions, the proprietary PATH Assessment analyzes and identifies the Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits of your top performers.

Machine-learning software creates a profile with key traits that potential candidates must possess to succeed in a specific job role and organization.

Specialized AI-driven recruitment tech streamlines the selection process, reducing the need for manual, high-volume tasks.

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