PATH Thinking Trait Animals

Thinking PATH Animals

Thinking is how you process the world around you. It’s how you evaluate and understand both problems and solutions. When you use your way of thinking as a tool at work, you are likely to get your colleagues to walk through problems the same way as you.

We all have different ways of thinking. These traits (or combination of traits) will help you better understand how you process information and problem situations with others.

Decision Maker

Raccoons are adaptable and clever creatures. Much like the Decision Maker they’re also very resourceful problem solvers.


Most people think of house cats as aloof and standoffish, however many cats are curious introverted thinkers. Much like Journalists, they’re astute creatures that enjoy working towards a goal.


The octopus is an interesting creature that scientists know to be clever, intelligent and perceptive. Like an Innovator they are strong, resourceful, and have a knack for finding unique and innovative solutions.

Straight Arrow

The wolf is a focused and intelligent animal that has been shown to stay dedicated to their pack. Like the Straight Arrow, they’re dependable team players that work collaboratively for the greater good.

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