PATH Purpose Trait Animals

PATH Purpose Animals

Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning – that’s your purpose. Often we feel like something that motivates ourselves will motivate others too. When you’re using purpose as a tool at work, you’ll likely encourage your colleagues in the way you like to be motivated.

Everyone is motivated and motivates others in different ways. Your traits (or combination of traits) help uncover what drives you.


The eagle is independent, driven and focused – much like the Achiever. These powerful birds of prey have excellent vision, like to soar high, and are fearless.


The ram is a bighorn sheep that is fast, tough, and light on their feet. They are also fiercely competitive!


The ant is small but mighty. The unique physiology of an ant enables them to lift objects around 20 times their own body weight, making them extremely productive creatures.


The fox is curious, adaptable and very clever. Much like Professors, foxes are constantly adapting and pushing boundaries.

Servant Leader

The dog is often seen as one of the most loyal animals on the planet. Dogs are genuine, self-less, committed in nature, much like the Servant Leader.


The deer is seen as a sweet animal that cares about others of its kind. They possess a combination of emotional connectedness and efficiency, much like the Trustee.

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