PATH Playlists: Thinking

spotify playlist

Do you ever feel like your office is too quiet? We know we do! We created a playlist for when you need to drown out the world, but still need some white noise to concentrate. We love listening to this one when we can’t leave our office (or home) but want to feel the energy of being around people moving and creating – think coffee house and co-working space vibes. Listen here!

Thinking is how you process the world around you. It’s how you evaluate and understand both problems and solutions. When you use your way of thinking as a tool at work, you are likely to get your colleagues to walk through problems the same way as you.

We all have different ways of thinking. These traits (or combination of traits) will help you better understand how you process information and problem situations with others. The more you learn about yourself and what makes you tick, the better you can become at growing and engaging in different areas.

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