PATH Planner 2022

Are you working from home? Headed back to the office? Or maybe you just want to start the new year fresh. No matter what 2022 has in store for you, we’ve created the PATH Planner to help you start the year with your best foot forward.?This years version includes the addition of the Project Planner!

Don’t know your PATH yet? Start here to learn more about your strengths! 

P – Purpose. Purpose-driven people are motivated by goals. You can capitalize on your Purpose traits by reflecting on the previous year, deciding what your goals and intentions are for the next year, and breaking it all down into smaller, trackable pieces. 

A – Approach. Approach-driven people are driven by connections. You can capitalize on your Approach traits by identifying people who can help you achieve your goals or make connections with like-minded people. 

T – Thinking. Thinking-driven people are always striving to be better. You can capitalize on your Thinking traits by making lists of things you’ve learned or done that week and taking time to be grateful for your experiences as they happen.

H – Habits. Habits-driven people are peak performers when they have a regular routine. You can capitalize on your Habits traits by using alarms and timers to break your day into chunks and remind yourself to do things like move your body and drink water.

Each one of us is unique and has aspects of all the above behaviors. It’s all about understanding them and putting them together for maximum success.

Download the planner PDF below or make a copy of our Google Docs planner.