PATH Habits Trait Animals

Habits PATH Animals

Habits are practiced behaviors or actions you take to solve problems. When your response to a problem is to grab the bull by the horns, you’re functioning in the Habits mode.

While others may need time to consider or analyze the problem, your M.O. is to get started. Everyone wants to solve problems. Your traits (or combination of traits) help you take action.


Cheetahs are best known for their speed, but they are much more than a fast cat. These creatures are hard-working, determined, and self-sufficient, much like the Director.


Dolphins are among the friendliest creatures in the sea. They are smart, curious, and creative. Their thirst for knowledge and inquisitiveness make them much like the Coach. 


The owl is seen as a wise and observant creature. Like the Teacher, they are adaptable, intuitive, and in constant observation of their surroundings.


The horse is a gentle and intelligent animal. Like the Machine, they have tremendous endurance and are very hard working.


Meerkats are often seen as playful animals that thrive in their interesting social communities. Many people don’t know that they’re also organized, collaborative, and problem solvers, much like the Founder.


While sheep are, in fact, the flock animals that most people think of, many people don’t realize that sheep are also very intelligent creatures. They have an excellent memory and like the Prospector, they have an innate ability to prioritize and make decisions based on the information they have.


Penguins are loyal, intelligent, and protective animals. Like the Scientist, they’re also known as methodical trouble-shooters who like to find solutions to problems like how to best find their next meal.


Whales are known as cooperative and devoted animals who travel large distances in their lifetime. Like the Strategist they are excellent planners who work well as part of a team (or pod).


Beavers are energetic and playful animals that are adaptive to their environment. Like the Technologist, they’re good at focusing on solutions.

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