A sustainable hiring process

Instead of constantly making adjustments to the way you hire, you need a sustainable, predictable process that works every time. Our PATH Assessment® is the only assessment on the market that is specifically designed for work. That means you don’t have to roll the dice on resumes or personality tests every time you hire.

Once the GoodJob platform gathers your Job Role DNA, you’re set for success. And with a predictable monthly pricing model, you can easily determine your hiring budget and save money on employee and customer churn. Happier employees mean happier customers. It’s a win-win.

How GoodJob works

Our proprietary PATH Assessment® analyzes and identifies the Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits of your top performers with a short, 9 minute assessment.

GoodJob uses those results to create Job Role DNA with key traits that potential candidates possess to succeed in a specific job role and organization.

Candidates take the PATH assessment and are scored against your Job Role DNA to determine their fit at your company. Only review the resumes that are the best match for the role.

Choose the best candidates based on their PATH scores and compatibility with your company’s Job Role DNA.

Hire with confidence

Let us help you thrive by finding the right employees for your organization.
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