House Purpose

House Purpose Gryffindor

If the PATH Sorting Hat places you in House Purpose, you’re driven to help others through different means of motivating them. You’re all about achieving your goals and helping others achieve theirs, too. You’ve got to have Purpose to take on Voldemort!

Everyone is motivated and motivates others in different ways. Your traits (or combination of traits) help uncover what drives you.

Harry Potter

Harry is an ACHIEVER! As an Achiever, Harry’s inner drive to meet challenges head on and his steady disposition makes him a great leader. His PATH patronus is an Eagle!

Hermione Granger

Hermione is a PROFESSOR! As a Professor, Hermione is a storehouse of knowledge in many areas. She never settles for the status quo! She lives in service to her insatiable curiosity and will never stop learning. Her PATH patronus is a Fox!

Ron Weasley

Ron is a SERVANT LEADER! As a Servant Leader, Ron is a team player. He is loyal and dependable, always showing up for those around him. He’s motivated by the cause and what it means to the world around him. His PATH patronus is a Dog!

Ginny Weasley

Ginny is a PRODUCER! As a Producer, Ginny is motivated by results. She’s excellent at quickly sorting through critical information to achieve goals and make decisions. Her PATH patronus is an Ant!

Rubeus Hagrid

Hagrid is a TRUSTEE! As a Trustee, Hagrid is motivated by commitment. He is accountable, dedicated, and always delivers results on time. His PATH patronus is a Deer!

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