What if finding the right job was easier?

It seems like there are only two ways to find a job these days: online job search sites and recruiting firms. When you’re on a job search site, you can access thousands of opportunities — but each one has its own application process and secret handshake. A recruiter can get you in the door and help you speak the language, but they really represent the company, not you. Either way, it’s not a great situation.

GoodJob was created to be the best of both worlds — access to countless exciting opportunities paired with an innovative digital assessment tool that was designed to help you connect with companies you’ll fit right in with.

Don’t just find a new job. Find the right job.

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What We Stand For


Apply with One Click

Easily see your job matches and how well the qualifications, your preferences, or your PATH Assessment fit the role. Then accept or reject each match with one click. No application (or resume) required.


Transparency or Bust

If you match with a job, that means your compensation range overlaps with the job’s. No more salary guessing games. If a company is interested in you, you’ll know right away. Plus, GoodJob keeps companies engaged so you don’t fall through the cracks.


Who You Are, Not Who You Know

Our PATH Assessment® is a groundbreaking way for companies to hire you for what makes you special and different from other candidates.


We Don’t Take a Cut

Recruiting firms get up to 30% of your annual salary to place you at a company. That’s money employers could be using to cover salaries, benefits, or workplace improvements. GoodJob charges companies a low monthly subscription fee instead.


Always Listening and Improving

GoodJob continually launches new features and other improvements based on your suggestions. Our AI is always learning how to send you better job matches.

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