5 Ways to Hire Better in 2023

Dive deep into your recruitment process and improve the quality of your new hires this year. 

Few choices are as vital for your company as the hiring decisions you make. Quality candidates have the potential to help your business grow, increase productivity, improve group morale, and strengthen customer relationships. Conversely, hiring the wrong people can devastate the company and team.

Hiring mistakes are challenging to correct and costly in terms of both time and money, so getting the process right from the start is essential.

However, it’s not an easy goal to achieve. 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months of employment, and the cost to replace an employee with an $80k salary can be anywhere between $16-$160k.

While those numbers may appear daunting, there is a solution.

Hire Better: 5 Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Process in 2023

Utilize these five methods to find the best talent for your organization that will stay with you for the long run.


1. Look Beyond Resumes

Hiring for the basics is no longer enough in today’s rapidly shifting business ecosystems. Your organization demands talent with depth and substance who will hit the ground running.

But the standard data points on an average resume do not tell a person’s whole story. They give no indication of how the candidate will mesh with your team or how successful they will be.

Additionally, resumes say very little about the candidate’s workplace personality. Intangible qualities, such as cultural fit, are vital and require looking beyond the resume to work-related traits and behaviors.

For example, maybe your culture is a culture of innovative servant leaders, and you want more people that fit that persona. Using software like GoodJob helps you identify candidate characteristics not found on a resume that spotlight whether they will align with your culture.


2. Reveal Workplace Behavior

To hire the right person, you must find the ideal fit within your team and working environment. How do you accomplish this? By understanding the type of workplace behavior that thrives in your organization. Revealing how your current employees work will help you select the candidate most likely to become a successful team member.

The problem is that traditional recruitment models seldom consider individual traits or group dynamics. However, GoodJob identifies what makes current high-performers successful in their role and enables you to dig into those characteristics.

By understanding these areas and assessing them alongside technical skills, you select candidates with the right attitude for your needs. The best people for a role are not just proficient in the job requirements; they fit into the company culture and bring out the best in your team.

To identify this type of person, GoodJob uses the PATH Assessment® to analyze four critical elements of workplace performance:

  • Purpose: what drives and motivates an individual in life
  • Approach: how someone interacts with colleagues
  • Thinking: how someone processes information
  • Habits: what habit patterns predict future actions

We’ve seen a 71% increase in the probability of recruitment success using the PATH Assessment® tool. Ask us how to make that heightened efficiency a reality for your organization, too.


3. Understand Your Company’s Job Role DNA™

Do you fully understand the role you are hiring for? What about the psychology that supports the job?  We challenge you to sit with these questions for a moment.

At GoodJob, we call this deep insight the Job Role DNA™. Each position at your company has a specific, defined profile based on the attributes and habits of people successful in that role today.

Too often, companies focus on traditional roles, qualifications, or work experience when recruiting, looking at historical data and market trends to develop selection criteria. This is outdated.

GoodJob supercharges your recruiting process with your unique Job Role DNA™, pinpointing candidates that match highlighted critical characteristics. Once you can confidently state your Job Role DNA™, only then will you hire better.


4. Leverage Recruiting Software

Globally, 88% of organizations are using AI in some way in their HR department. Most hiring teams utilize ATS, too. While AI and applicant tracking software is essential, you can hire better in 2023 by leveraging advanced recruiting software.

Let’s use GoodJob as an example. Our recruiting software takes your Job Role DNA™, combined with a candidate’s PATH Assessment® results, and scores them on the criteria most important to the role. This helps you quickly identify and shortlist compatible matches, saving time and money in the recruiting process.


5. Analyze and Re-Analyze

Recruitment is an ongoing process. Your hiring needs change, your company expands, and your team pivots— continually. Without analyzing, you will never improve your recruitment process in 2023 (or any year, for that matter).

Evaluate what’s working and what’s not. Look at your hiring results with a realistic eye, track your numbers, and be honest. Maybe it’s time for a serious overhaul to push your business forward and grow in the right direction.


Hire Better With GoodJob

With over 40 years of experience in recruitment, GoodJob empowers you to make the right hiring decisions. Our cutting-edge recruiting software breaks through the noise. The result? You get a laser-focused list of the best matches based on their Job Role DNA™. Imagine reviewing 10 sure-fire people instead of 300 question marks.

If you’re ready to hire better in 2023, schedule a demo to see it work live in action.

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