How GoodJob works

Our proprietary PATH Assessment® analyzes and identifies the Purpose, Approach, Thinking, and Habits of your top performers with a short, 9 minute assessment.

GoodJob uses those results to create Job Role DNA with key traits that potential candidates possess to succeed in a specific job role and organization.

Candidates take the PATH assessment and are scored against your Job Role DNA to determine their fit at your company. Only review the resumes that are the best match for the role.

Choose the best candidates based on their PATH scores and compatibility with your company’s Job Role DNA.

PATH Assessment

Our 9-minute evaluation is used to assess work-related traits and behaviors of both current and future employees.

GoodJob uses machine learning to define the 3 dominant behaviors and additional traits that will predict job success for each job role.
Behavioral insights will help you understand how your employees interact with each other, what drives their success, and identify opportunities to optimize the team’s performance.

Holistic Approach to Hiring

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